This year’s Summer Vivaldi CMO Forum, organized by the Mokragora School of Management will again take place in the beautiful surroundings of Drvengrad on Mokra Gora. This time you will be able to find out how brands live in the digital eco-system. The founder of Puzzle Consulting, Manuela Stamatovic will be the moderator of one of the many panel discussions under the umbrella theme of the forum “Brand culture in the digital eco-system”.

At the panel discussion “The Audience Is Always Right” that will be moderated by Manuela, our experts will talk about how today’s audience, oversaturated with information, is perceiving the abundance of commercial and marketing content, how much impact emotions have in creating opinions and how important scientific research of consumer behavior should be in achieving business goals.

The forum will cover many other topics, lectures and panel discussions which will give an answer to why investing in their brand is key for companies, why it is important to base business strategies on brand development, how to develop a strategy that will bring long-term results for a stable business future and what the numerous opportunities and trends in digital marketing are.  

For more information about the forum and your application, please visit the website.